DUFC 2012 - 16 October 2011 (Sunday) - Diabetes Update For Clinicians and Training in Diabetic Foot Care

Tentative Program

16th October 2011

3pm to 11pm - parallel sessions
Pre-conference Training in Diabetic Foot Care and Diabetes Conference

Pre-conference Training in Diabetic Foot Care

It’s for the First time in South Asia, 10 experts of international repute in Podiatric Medicine  (foot care) will get together to offer an exceptional training program in Diabetic Foot Care. In USA there are 10 colleges of Podiatric Medicine and over 13 thousand Podiatrists. In South Asia there are no Colleges of Podiatric Medicine and little opportunity for a structured training in Foot Care. Every 20 seconds an amputation is done due to diabetes. 85% of these amputations are preventable through education and better foot care. This training program will cover right from basics of diabetic foot care to advanced management techniques in Foot and Ankle surgery. Our faculty includes experts from both developing and developed world so that we have a global view regarding problems and solutions while rendering diabetic foot care. Besides interesting lectures, hands on training will be offered under 3 workshops to sharpen clinical skills of colleagues in examination, investigation and management of the diabetic foot. This training program is one of its kind and a great opportunity to interact in person and learn directly from the best in field of Diabetic Foot Care.

3pm to 11pm - parallel sessions
Pre-conference Training in Diabetic Foot Care and Diabetes Conference

Anatomy of the Foot
Examination and Investigation of the Foot
Pathogenesis and Basics of Management of Diabetic Foot
Management of Diabetic Foot (Neuropathy)
Management of Diabetic Foot (Vascular)
Management of Diabetic Foot (Surgery)
Management of Diabetic Foot (Offloading)
Question answer session / Discussion
Break and Exhibition
Closing followed by Gala Dinner

3pm to 11pm - parallel sessions
Pre-conference Training in Diabetic Foot Care and Diabetes Conference

Diabetes Conference

3-4 PM            Pre conference Fellowship
4-5 PM            Clinical Issues in Podiatry
5-5.30                            Inauguration
·         Lighting the lamp by chief guest
·         Welcome address by
·         Chief guest’s oration-
5.30                               Clinical Issues in Diabetes
·         Chairman’s remark
·         What is new In Diabetology
·         Obesity and Diabetes- An update- Idris
·         Simplifying Metabolic syndrome- Parikh
·         Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy an underrecognised and underdiagnosed entity-
·         hypovitaminosis D and Diabetes
·         Clsing remarks
·         Q&A
7.30                                  Clinical Issues in Nephrology
·         Chairman’s remarks: 
·         Management of Anemia in Diabetic Nephropathy- 25 min- 
·         Closing remarks: 
8.10-8.30    Break for snacks
8.30                 Clinical Issues in Pregnancy with Diabetes
·         Chairman’s remark: 5 min
·         Safe voyage in pregnancy with Diabetes
·         GDM- An introduction- 
·         Q&A- 
·         Closing remarks-
9.30                Clinical Issues in Diabetic Cardiology
·         Chairman’s remarks- 
·         Acute Coronary Syndrome in a Diabetic-Hidden dangers-
·         Q&A-
·         Closing remarks;
10.10               Clinical Issues in Diabetic Eye:
·         Chairman’s Remarks: 5 min
·         Tips on Diabetic Eye- 
·         Screening for Diabetic retinopathy- 
·         Q&A- 5 min
11.00               Valedictory function
Gala Dinner


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